Experimental HTML5 Transit Tool
edit, compress, expand and clean up your code

Step by step instructions:

  1. Paste your HTML code in the textarea on this page.
  2. Font tags are not allowed in HTML5. Use CSS instead. Delete all font tags with
  3. Lower case should be used in all tags between the html tags. This is done with
  4. All tags except !DOCTYPE should have an endtag. Tags as <br> and similar should have an endtag.
    You may use this tool.
    Replace all with
  5. The center tag is not allowed in HTML5. Try <div style="text-align:center;">Text to be centered </div>.
    Tables may be centered with <table style="width:800px; margin:auto;">.
  6. Edit your code in the textarea. Use the buttons over and under the textarea to insert tags like </p>, compress code, expand code or to view as text (delete all tags) or in browser.
  7. When you are pleased with the result you can copy the code in the textarea to a file. You may validate your code with The W3C Marcup Validation Service and The W3C CSS Validation Service.

Edit your code here:

Any other tag (and endtag):


This is why I wrote this site.

I had a lot of HTML-code created by the use of WYSIWYG-editors. Whenever I should make any changes to my code it was hard to find my text in all the tags. So I wrote some scripts and had a lot of fun.

The performance is good in browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and other.

Copyright 2010 - 2012. Christer Svensson.