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This site is developed for the transit to HTML 4.01 code. Try the new Experimental HTML5 Transit Tool or the new Free Online HTML5 Editor.

You can edit the code in the textarea or paste and edit some other code. Use the buttons over and under the textarea to insert tags, compress code, expand code or to view as text (delete all tags) or in browser. When you are pleased with the result you can copy the code in the textarea to a file.

Any other tag (and endtag):

Replace all with

This is why I wrote this site and how I use it.

I had a lot of HTML-code created by the use of WYSIWYG-editors. Whenever I should make any changes it was hard to find my text in all the tags. So I wrote some scripts and had a lot of fun.

When I use this site the first thing I do is to paste my code in the textarea and click on the No <FONT button to get rid of all FONT-tags so I can use CSS instead. If my code looks to bad I can click on the Expand HTML button or on the View as text button and then on the View in browser button. This will make the code much easier to read.

I can use this site whenever I want to edit some of my old or any new HTML-code. The performance is good in browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and other.

Copyright 2010 - 2012. Christer Svensson.

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