Easy Real Time Full Text Search Free Edition

This PHP-script is very easy to use on your homepage. It searches your files in real time and makes a full text search. The search result is shown with link, adress and abstract similar to the style of other search engines. It is free to use.


  1. Download the zipped folder in any language
  2. Open the zipped folder. It contains a file easy.php that you should copy to any not zipped folder on your computer.
  3. From the not zipped folder upload easy.php to your homepage server. Open it from your browser.

If you open the file easy.php in a text editor like Notepad you will find more information. It is possible to search just one folder or one folder and all it's subfolders. You may translate the text in the easy.php file to your native language without the author's permission. You may also use another CSS style and you may include the script as a natural part of your site pages.

The search is not case sensitive to the Latin alphabet. Uppercase and lowercase letters are treated equally. If your alphabet contains some non-Latin characters, you can at the beginning of the script add setlocale (). In the Swedish version, add setlocale (LC_CTYPE, 'sv_SE'); immediately after <?php.

If you want to make Easy a part of a file just copy everything between the body-tags in the script to your file or copy something from your file to the script file. You may have to change the extension of your file to php.

This script is reviewed on Hot Scripts.

© 2012 Christer Svensson